The Photocopier and how it created the central role it has today within your office

Originally the photocopier started off life with just one task, which was quite simple, place an original on the platen glass, type on the control panel how many copies you require and sit back while the pages are churned out. If the wind was blowing in the right direction and the stars were aligned, gosh, the machine could print fifty pages before the control panel flashed up the symbol for the dreaded paper jam. At this point the wise would pass the task on to the most junior member of their team while they went off to wreak havoc elsewhere within their organisation, they were destined for greater things than swearing at the photocopier. This system worked well for many years and created job roles such Work Experience or Intern. Thankfully these machines have improved in reliability with each passing year around the year 2000 the photocopier began its transformation into a digital product, stick with me I plan not to lose you at this point.

Photocopiers originally used light and mirrors to reflect an image of your document onto the rotating drum within the image unit that creates the copies you receive from the photocopier. Photocopiers still use light and mirrors but rather than reflect the image straight on to the rotating drum within the image unit the reflected image is captured and turned into data. Once the image was data it was then written onto the rotating data with a laser, just like those laser pens that are put to use by teenagers either directing the beam on to buildings or being aimed at passing airplanes!

Whoa back to topic. OK the image is no longer just a reflection, it is data , yes just rows of ones and zeros that when processed can reproduce your original image, today, tomorrow or in years to come, at this point the photocopier could begin its march for office domination, look out the laser printer, the fax machine and office scanner, even the filing cabinet manufacturer should be worried the modern multi functional photocopier is on its way.

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