Remote Support

Remote support is free of charge to clients with a current equipment maintenance plan who have opted for our connectivity support package. Below is a description of why we advise clients to opt for connectivity support. 

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Is my equipment covered by remote support ?

Connectivity support is included for 90 (ninety) days from the installation date of new equipment to ensure it works perfectly within the clients IT infrastructure.

The optional connectivity support package covers all the charges of sending a network engineer to your site or using remote client assistance software to remotely diagnose, then rectify any printing or scanning issues related to your IT infrastructure.

What is connectivity support and why would I need it?

Copylogic’s additional connectivity support package gives clients complete peace of mind in relation to issues between the print and scan functions of their multi functional photocopier (MFD) and the clients internet router / server / computer network / email server.

Connectivity Support includes installation of or updating of the MFD / printer driver or MFD / printer software or MFD / printer firmware, updates will become available during the term of the clients maintenance agreement with Copylogic.

Copylogic remote support

Issues logged recently which have been resolved free of charge with Connectivity support option:

  • BT have replaced my router and now we cannot scan
  • We have just bought new laptops, can Copylogic configure the laptops to print and receive scans
  • Our internet provider has changed and now we cannot print or scan
  • We have moved offices and need print and scan set back up
  • The cabling to the printer was damaged
  • The driver on my PC does not allow me to print double sided, but I used to be able to
  • I turned my PC on today and now I cannot print, but could on Friday
  • The firmware on my printer needs to be updated to work with our new server or software
  • I have a new employee and would like the multifunctional photocopier to store their email address for scanning
  • All the contacts held in the address book of the multifunctional photocopier need updating
  • I cannot send or receive faxes today

A modern multi functional photocopier needs to have a consistent connection to your IT network including your (pc / server / cabling / router) to print and scan reliably.  With connectivity support we will update / diagnose, the printer driver configuration, the scanner configuration or e-mail / SMB or FTP server configuration, we will also install / reinstall printer drivers  / reinstall software / and upgrade firmware.