PaperCut MF: The Missing Add-On that Changes Print Environments

With technology awareness at its peak, organisations are increasingly looking for secure technology solutions that are easy to implement, functional and take into account user experience.

IT departments are busy keeping company intranets secure, however, there’s one area that’s almost always overlooked.

The networked MFP.

Quietly ticking along in the background, it lets users print, scan, fax (if anyone still uses that) and digitise documents with ease. The problem with MFPs and security is that because they are networked, they must have some sort of encryption level security and also have physical security features enabled to prevent mismanagement of confidential data.

With just the one easily integrated add-on (that doesn’t even feel like an add-on) MFPs can be turned into high level secure all-in-one digital file organisers with ease.

To highlight just 5 key ingredients that all businesses will benefit from it would be these…

  • Reduced wastage
  • Managed print costs
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Reporting by user / team or client account
  • Follow me printing

Explore the Most Powerful Benefits PaperCut MF Adds to MFPs of any Brand

  1. The visibility of all print jobs

Companies of all sizes can benefit from one-click simple print usage reports based on real-time data. Reports can be generated in multiple formats including MS Excel, PDF or HTML.

These reports can be done on any web browser and can be previewed before compiling. In addition, system admins can also set these up one time, then have them emailed at a frequency that suits them. Great for when you need to report print usage to managers as a cost control measure. It’s a superb time saver.

The reports can also be customised to include your brands logo and even the details if you want to generate print reports by department – as an example of what you could do.

  1. Integrated advanced scripting based on JavaScript

Right out the box PaperCut MF comes with 20+ print scripts that can be implemented to encourage better print behaviour from users. As examples, they can be used to educate users on the environmental impact of their print behaviour when they attempt to print single-sided, which has proven to be effective at encouraging duplex printing. Users can also be requested to confirm large print jobs or colour print jobs before they’re sent to the printer. In organisations where there’s more than one MFD available, cost-routing can be used to request the print job be sent to the most cost effective MFD available for the job.

In addition to the integrated scripts ready to deploy, admins can also choose and use from over 30 pre-written code snippets that can be implemented into a customised print policy.

When customising the code snippets, there’s also a built-in JavaScript Editor that highlights the syntax and reports errors so sys admins can fix them faster and get them deployed.

  1. Any device printing with no additional drivers required

Large organisations, and in particular schools, colleges and universities where BYOD and print from any device is an operational nightmare for managing a print environment… PaperCut makes it simple with all the following already implemented:

  • Mobile print
  • Web print
  • Email to print
  • Google Cloud Print
  • iOS print

For any business where employees are using their own devices, regardless what type and in particular company owned and already added devices… managing what gets printed by what devices is as straightforward as you’ll find from any software.

  1. Highest Level of Security for any MFP

The medical field take security very seriously and rightly so. As do all educational facilities, but the same high-tech security must be implemented in all organisations going forward. The unfortunate situation is that when it comes to securing your internal network, the most overlooked and under secured piece of networked equipment is the MFP.

It’s widely known that the UK is exiting the EU, however, that’s a while away yet. For the foreseeable future, all UK businesses are at the mercy of EU regulations. In terms of information security, the specific piece of legislation that all businesses need to have at the forefront of decision making with regards to secure data processing is the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC). The GDPR comes into full effect on 25th of May 2018, which could see regulatory fines increase across UK businesses according to a report by

The security of your print fleet cannot go ignored!

With PaperCut MF, there’s no reason to feel isolated from data security due a lack of IT knowledge. Every organisation, regardless of size can have the highest level of data security on every MFP, whether it’s a single office, or multiple locations.

The print visibility also introduces accountability for every user too. Management can instantly see from the pre-formatted report templates the key ingredients for full print visibility across an organisation.

What it shows at a glance is who printed what document, where and when. Tie those factors in alongside PaperCut MF’s Secure Print Release and there’s no more worrying about stolen or missing confidential printed documents because users will have to verify their identity before the print job is released.

And if you need to take security a step further, such as with many government organisations, there’s an integrated full-page watermarking security feature that can be enabled too. This can be the company logo, or the user’s name.

  1. Significantly Reduce Your Print Costs

Businesses can track print jobs, manage quotas, or even implement and monitor pay-per-print charging. With the ease of enforcing print policies, organisations can maximise productivity, whilst significantly reducing wastage – including paper and toner.

Downtime is minimised as entire print fleets can be monitored with alerts for errors, maintenance, or low toner alerts sent by email or SMS.

When it comes to knowing the print costs, reports can go as narrow as per user, or monitor costs by department. There’s also a nifty desktop feature that will show your employees their own print volume and alert them to their individual environmental impact, which can also be a driving factor to influencing print behaviour.

And there’s also the driverless printing feature, which translates to not requiring companies to buy drivers or for IT staff to install drivers to keep the MFPs functional.

With PaperCut MF’s driverless technology, everything just works right of the box!

All the above are included as standard and all usable without any additional driver installations required, so there’s cost savings right there.

Does your business need PaperCut MF?

This will depend on your companies print output. Should you be operating without that knowledge, then PaperCut MF is a good place to start. For heightened security in addition to full cost control over your print environment, it’s definitely a tool the majority of larger companies could be doing with.

Who we are…

Based in London, Copy Logic are among the UKs premier suppliers of leading MFP brands, all of which PaperCut MF supports. We assist our clients to bring their print costs under control by using cutting-edge hardware with fully integrated software that’s ready to meet the most pressing of print environments.

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