What is involved in a managed print solution?

  • Discovery

    Software is installed to discover all current network print devices

  • Evaluation

    Discovered devices are evaluated for reliability, running cost & print speed

  • Rationalisation

    Printer locations and user requirements along with expectations are evaluated & discussed

  • Page cost reduction

    Existing hardware is assessed for suitability to be included within the new low cost print solution

  • SLA

    Service Level Agreement is agreed to cover existing and new hardware, software and reporting

  • Remote monitoring by provider

    Equipment is monitored remotely under the SLA by the solution provider

  • Free up client’s IT resource

    Consumable ordering, planned maintenance & reactive technical issues are resolved without intervention of the client’s IT team, allowing  the client’s IT to focus on projects that create efficiencies & value for the business

  • Reporting

    Reliability, print volume changes and cost savings are reported to the client at scheduled meetings

Remote monitoring, Allows us to plan proactive maintenance, dispatch engineers & consumables to site prior to the need becoming apparent. Freeing up the time of your IT help desk

ship replacement toner cartridges a& image units to ensure you always have a cost free stock of replacment consumables available

Managed Print Solution

Free up the talent within your IT team to drive forward system improvements, rather than fault find a jamming printer

How much money and time do you spend on printing and document processes? It’s hard to put a figure on it. Our managed print service can monitor, manage and optimise your total print output while you concentrate on your business.

You don’t have to spend money on new equipment. Copylogic will carry out a thorough, up-front assessment of your existing printing infrastructure, and we’ll deliver a money-saving strategy that matches your actual use and ongoing print needs. Here’s what we can do:

  • IT Teams are recruited to drive efficiency & profitability within your organisation,  being distracted from developing better systems to fault find a jammed printer is a waste of talent and lowers profitability. Our Managed Print Solution will free up the IT Team so they can focus on the projects they were recruited for.
  • A printer fleet purchased ad-hoc over time and comprising of ink jet & laser printers from varying manufacturers, some networked and some USB offers the greatest cost saving potential, we would expect an aged mixed fleet of printers to have an average running cost of over 10 pence per colour page / over 1 pence per mono page. We can reduce the running cost of this example fleet by 50% and reduce energy consumption dramatically.
  • Many printers purchased have a limited life warranty built in to the purchase price providing basic support for 1 to 3 years. Printers supplied under our Managed Print Solution our maintained pro-actively for the 3 or 5 year life expectancy of the product by manufacturer trained engineers.
  • Many toner cartridges and image units are purchased & stocked for printers that reach end of life prior to the supplies being used. Imagine the cost savings with MPS where consumables are supplied as part of the maintenance program so are not charged directly.
  • MPS Software can highlight which printers and users within your business are consuming your print budget. We can install rules that direct large print jobs to the most economical printer located nearest to the user. Software can allocate a budget to clients / departments and individual users
  • Proactive printer maintenance ensures your printer has the maximum printer uptime, and ensures our engineers arrive at your site with the correct replacement part prior to its failure.  With remote monitoring we can gauge when equipment requires attention and can ship replacement toner cartridges & image units to ensure you always have a cost free stock of replacement consumables available

Remote monitoring allows our IT helpdesk to guide your users to a swift resolution of their printing issue

Managed print solution Remote monitoring of your printer fleet