Filestar Document Scanning and Cloud Storage Software

What Filestar does

For many organisations, Filestar is the dream solution for document scanning and paperless Cloud storage. The scanning process is fast and simple – Filestar works with most dedicated scanners and multi-function photocopiers (MFD). Scanned files can be automatically saved, named and indexed in your dedicated archive on Filestar Cloud servers.

Once your file is saved in the Cloud, Filestar handles all security and access controls. Any device with an Internet connected web browser can be used to securely log into your archive, edit indexing data, find, read or print a document.

For long-term document management, Filestar even manages your company’s official document retention policy. Expired documents can be automatically flagged for permanent deletion.

How Filestar Works

The Filestar system is easy to deploy in any office. Set-up is fast and simple, needing nothing more than the installation of a compact app on a print server or office PC. The app runs in the background, uploading each scan to Filestar Cloud storage.

The secret of Filestar’s success is that each scanned document is automatically converted into a searchable PDF file. Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability even allows Filestar to index your documents automatically, based on document numbers, barcodes, titles, or other text found in the document.

Even without auto-indexing, the OCR functionality allows you to search your archive for scanned documents containing an ID number, name, or any other text string.

Using Filestar document management

Using Filestar as your scanning and document management solution brings immediate cost benefits. With all of your documents safely stored in the Cloud, you no longer need to have valuable office-space cluttered with shelving and filing cabinets.

When it comes to Quality Management, Filestar ticks all of the QA boxes. With secure access, audit trails and retention policies all included in the package, your company will sail effortlessly through any quality audit.

Using Filestar, document location and retrieval has never been easier! Any standard web browser with an Internet connection provides fast, 24/7 access to your archive from any location!

With Filestar handling reliable Cloud storage, backups and service delivery, you are free to focus more of your resources on delivering your products or services. A ‘win-win’ outcome for you and your clients!

Copylogic – your London Filestar partner

Along with simple installation and an easy-to-use interface, Filestar comes with a rich set of features for document scanning, indexing, storage and management. Here at Copylogic, we believe that this software is ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and easy operation.

From our offices in central London and Harrow we’ve been supplying scanning, printing and print management solutions for more than 27 years. Our continuing success is based on a firm commitment to friendly and reliable customer services.

Call our Filestar specialists today on 020 8901 4700, or use the contact form below to find out more about this affordable, Cloud based document storage solution.

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Filestar electronic document management made easy

Filestar features and benefits

  • Simple setup

    Works with most modern scanners and multi-function photocopiers (MFDs)

  • OCR

    Uses optical character recognition (OCR) to provide powerful search tools

  • Converts printed documents to searchable PDF files

    Automatically names and files scanned documents in your Cloud storage

  • Security

    Comes with secure access and user permissions controls

  • Compliance

    Built-in audit trail and document retention policy features

  • Easy search

    Makes archived documents much easier to find & distribute

  • Barcodes or custom fields

    Uses custom index fields to capture searchable document metadata

  • Cloud access

    Provides 24/7 file access from any location using standard web browsers

A dream solution for document scanning and paperless Cloud storage