Buy Genuine Kyocera Toner

Copylogic believe for best reliability & quality from Kyocera printers can only be achieved when the equipment is supplied with genuine KYOCERA Toner. We maintain thousands of Kyocera printers and have a policy to only fit genuine Kyocera toner.


Like you we are offered non genuine toner by suppliers and the initial cost saving that can be made should Copylogic switch from installing the genuine toner we supply under our maintenance contracts to supplying non-genuine toner look substantial. What we find though in testing and when we are asked to send engineers to service Kyocera printers & photocopiers not supplied by Copylogic or covered under maintenance contracts with Copylogic, is that the internal image process parts that come into contact with toner, seem to wear prematurely, particularly image units and fuser units. After a few months, increased wear is noticeable & print quality deteriorates, eventually we have to replace image units long before the expected life of the unit is reached.

Kyocera genuine toner does not create premature wearing of image unit or fuser unit, perhaps this is down to the shape of the toner particle or that an ingredient within genuine toner helps lubricate the drum surface. With Kyocera drums capable of lasting up to 600,000 pages it has been our experience that the initial saving on the toner cartridge cost is short lived.