Photocopiers for Business, what you need to Know

The photocopier, have you noticed that recently it has taken on extra roles that are required within the modern office, Photocopiers are now known by names such as multi functional products, MFP or Multi functional devices, MFD. Sometimes we are not sure what name is trending currently for the humble photocopier, here we aim to pass on our knowledge and show examples of what these products can do for your business

Corona Corporate Solutions completes Copylogic aquisition

We are delighted to announce that Corona Corporate Solutions has acquired Copylogic Limited with immediate effect. Copylogic has been supplying and servicing a range of Print/Copy solutions for twenty-seven years predominantly in the South East of England. It has a fabulous reputation for its service levels and is well known throughout the Print Management industry. Chairman […]

PaperCut MF: The Missing Add-On that Changes Print Environments

With technology awareness at its peak, organisations are increasingly looking for secure technology solutions that are easy to implement, functional and take into account user experience. IT departments are busy keeping company intranets secure, however, there’s one area that’s almost always overlooked. The networked MFP. Quietly ticking along in the background, it lets users print, […]

The Photocopier and how it created the central role it has today within your office

Originally the photocopier started off life with just one task, which was quite simple, place an original on the platen glass, type on the control panel how many copies you require and sit back while the pages are churned out. If the wind was blowing in the right direction and the stars were aligned, gosh, the machine […]

How to Assess Your Print Output Environment

The UK is the worst in the Europe for document management. Or,mismanagement for a better word. Businesses are looking for ways to print cost effectively, while slacklining in an attempt to lower carbon emissions in accordance with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Sure isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Poor print management is hurting the […]

Print Technology: Discover What Your Business Really Needs

A thorough analysis of a print output environment puts businesses in-the-know about their document management process. That data helps businesses of all sizes gain a unique perspective of what their print requirements are. It is imperative decision makers have a clear idea of what they require any multifunction printer to do before investing. Without the […]

7 Common Laser Printer Problems and Solutions for Them

Every machine comes with problems and copiers are no different. Some can be minor teething problems when first installed, but even the best photocopier will run into some issues after some heavy usage. When they do, there’s no need to kick, scream and shout at the copier because in all likelihood, it’s a common problem […]

Core and Advanced Photocopier Features: What Do You Really Need?

We don’t need to tell you that when it comes time to invest in a decent Photocopier, you need to be making a smart decision. As with everything in life, decisions are made much easier when they’re based on knowledge and that’s what you’ll get here. Knowledge of the core features first, because those are […]

The Minimalist Guide to Optimising Your Print Environment: 4 Steps is All!

We’ve mentioned it in the past -The print environment… Heck, we dedicated an entire post to it, yet here we are revisiting it again. As we wrapped that post up (linked above), we did mention we’d be back with more, so here we are – doing just that. In that earlier post, we discussed document […]

9 Ways an Electronic Document Management System Will Simplify Your Business

Do you know how much paper your business is using? According to a paper facts statement by, based on a findings from government backed ‘Envirowise’… “The average office worker will use 1584 sheets of paper per month.” That’s a sobering thought, don’t you think? The paper cost is huge and the environmental impact even […]

5 Eye-Opening Ways to Get Your MFP to Brand and Grow Your Business

Branding your business is the only way you’re going to grow your customer base. Over the years, marketing focus has shifted toward online marketing, leaving direct marketing in the dust. Yet there are still sales to be made. According to, “the most common response rate is between 1% and 3%…” That list will go […]